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I completely forgot to pimp it~
Here you go:
Everyone join my legions!! XDDD


There Are Rules To This by KarniMolly
There Are Rules To This

“Oh Sonny”, the boy sighed, a smile tugging at his chapped lips. “Didn’t you know there are rules to this? You’ve had your fun with me. Now it’s my turn.”


More from that assassin-sort-of-AU-sort-of-OC-story. This time no Bastian, but a man with whom our protag has some messy history.

Dull, Beautiful, Stramineous by KarniMolly
Dull, Beautiful, Stramineous

Well, at least he was a lot better than he had been back then, Bastian mused. That didn’t say much. Bastian’d seen him when the other had been at his most fickle. But still, he was far from beaten. If anything, he had become much stronger, and what was worse, much more perceptive.

When they lay together and Bastian’s hands dug into the dull, beautiful, stramineous hair, sometimes the boy would whisper Bastian’s name. It became harder each day not to fall for him.

Then again, there really was no reason not to indulge in his affection for the boy.


These two are from a story I just can’t seem to get out of my head since last weekend. It’s about all my fav things: queer babies, ulterior motives, dramatic revelations and, of course, assassins. This is all ssjumi’s fault.


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